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my baby girl

my baby girl

Sleepless Nights

I want this all to stop.

This up and down all night long.

Praying that my body will just

give in and just let me sleep.

I toss and turn, readjust and

nothing seems to work.

I sit up then I lay down.

I rock and rock hoping just

hoping that sleep will give in.

I watch the clock. It

seems like these nghts

last forever.

And yet the time just

ticks away mocking me.

What I wouldn’t give to just

be able to fall asleep without

having to take pill after 


When none of that seems

to work I am almost in tears

so i turn the water in

the tub on as hot as I can


It relaxes me for the 

short bit of time. My 

body relaxes and I have


I place my head on the

edge of the tub, turn on

my side and let the water

envelope me.

For just those few minutes

my eyes close and I find


These sleepless, pain filled

nights are killing me.

Eiliyah Ann Ali




Playing around with my camera

Playing around with my camera

Love this pic I took pf downtown Chicago.  Miss my city

Love this pic I took pf downtown Chicago. Miss my city

Sometimes there is sorrow

Sometimes there is sorrow